This week has been a bit of a bumpy ride with price swings across the board, Bitcoin and alts included all trending down after the peak. It seems as though the bull run is coming to an end after Nano smashed through the $7 mark last week and is now settling around $5. Compared to last weeks 14% increase in price we’ve seen a -32% decrease at the end of this week, leaving Nano sitting at #84 in the CoinGeko market cap ranks. Now that’s out the way here is some slightly more positive and interesting news when it comes to whats been happening with Nano this week.

More businesses accept Nano

After all the Mastercard hype last week more companies have continued to adopt Nano, Travala a popular travel booking site being one along with Coinbound which provide marketing for a number of well known businesses, both confirming they now accept Nano. Its great to see businesses like Travala who provide everyday services which people use regularly accepting cryptocurrencies along with Nano, allowing us to use our coins as they were intended.

WeNano continues to grow in popularity

The popular Android and iOS app which allows users to setup Nano spots for others to find and receive tips through, including social interactions and allowing business to get involved, seems to only be getting more and more attention. The number of spots available for people to receive tips through keeps increasing with a huge number currently active as you can see from the map of Europe below.

It’s not just Europe where we’ve seen an increase in spots either, the trend is spreading all over the world. This is great for attracting new users allowing people to easily get involved and try out Nano, discover the benefits, while also getting some for free, whats not to like about that!

Nano community highlights

Apart from Nano billboards appearing in the wild, which are always fun to see and also creatively designed, there was an interesting article submitted by Reddit user u/SenatusSPQR looking into the environmental impacts of Bitcoin. The article is definitely an interesting read and informative regarding the issues surrounding crypto mining and what other options/alternatives we have. You can it find over on their Medium blog if you can spare 4 minuets of your time, or check out the original Reddit post.

There wasn’t too much major news this week but definitely some positive announcements were made when it comes to Nano’s adoption and its always good to see the communities creative side. Check back regularly for new posts or follow us on Twitter @nanocoinnews for updates.